Welcome to the Nexus.


You have found yourself in a little space I like to call the Nexus.  It’s a place where I want to talk and write (talking will come later once I get setup for it.) about Carbine Studios new MMO called WildStar.  Nexus is where the game takes place; I find this fitting seeing as how a ‘nexus’ means a connection between two or more things.

I will be honest.  I’m kind of new to WildStar.  My first introduction to the game was back at Gamescom ’11 when they first announced it.  I saw the trailer like most people may have seen (though for me, a certain second war of guilds was going on that I was much more fascinated with) and then it quickly fell off the radar.  I’m going in blind, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I know a few things that really interest me as far as the game goes and I’ve been trying to keep myself in the dark for awhile, but now that I have this site up and running with the nudge of a friend of mine, I can no longer do this.

Before I delve deeper into the universe of Wildstar, the world of Nexus, the Dominion, the Exiles, and the Eldan; I want to explain where I’ve come from as far as gaming is concerned.

I’ve been playing games for nearly 24 years now.  I started young and still don’t remember which game I played first, Super Mario Brothers or Final Fantasy 1.  In either case, good times.  I grew up with figures we all know and love even to this day and I could name the vast list of games I’ve played, beaten and thoroughly enjoyed.

My MMO career is much more recent and I’ve quite nearly seen it all.  I remember when my older brother first got a game called Everquest.  He wouldn’t let me play it because of the whole subscription thing that I had no idea about at the time.  He was never home though and I snuck on once or twice, got a druid up to level 2 and was lost on how to get my copper to silver.  I didn’t touch MMO’s for awhile after that until a long story that’s history to me got me into a game called Ragnarok Online.  I started finding whatever free games I could play at the time.  Maplestory had just come out and I played that beta.  Gunbound was also really big at the time, also in beta.  It was a good time in my life cause I was broke and wanted games, these free games with pay options was appealing to me even though I would quickly learn the ‘pay to win’ syndrome that hurts alot of really good games from being some of the best.  I would eventually get into games such as World of Warcraft and the expansions (up through Cata, couldn’t stomach it after that) and City of Heroes (R.I.P. you magnificent game).  I would play SWTOR, Tera, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, alot more F2P (p2w ) MMO’s than I could ever shake a stick at, beta’d APB and various other games at the time as well.

I’ve been around.  I still have hope for this Genre and hope it thrives far beyond my time.  I’ve learned over time what I enjoy and that I can even brutally pick apart my most beloved of games (easiest example for me is Chrono Trigger, I can rip apart this game 6 ways to Sunday  but it will forever be one of my favorites.)

Hopefully, my experience with writing about other games (and officially for a fansite for Guildwars 2) will help me as I move forward.

Carbine Studios.  Wildstar Community.  I look forward to enjoying, and serving, your fantastic world.

Once again, I welcome you to the Nexus.  I’ll do my best to keep things interesting.

~Roland Daemon



I will probably end up making a twitter for the blog down the road and will update accordingly, but for now you can follow me on my personal account @rolanddaemon


~ by Roland Daemon on March 6, 2013.

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