A Fresh Start

With my introduction out the way (My friend will introduce himself sometime soon and we’ll get his view on things as well shortly), I think we should get down to business, eh?

The MMO market is kind of stale at the moment.  There are very few things that are fresh at the moment in terms of story, game play and/or aesthetics.  In my opinion, while I may enjoy the worlds of Warcraft, Star Wars or Guild Wars, there was always something that kept pulling me out of the experience, unable to truly enjoy these games like I had in the past.

Part of this is probably due to the fact that as gamers, we’re getting older and more experienced.  There are few things out there that truly give us something new to experience and that sense of euphoria we get when we accomplish something that feels bigger than ourselves.  As a 1st generation Pokemon player, nothing quite beat the experiences of Red/Gold for me.  I tried everything beyond the 2nd gen. but could never beat them because I never got that same sensation of adventure and excitement that felt the same as the first experiences.

Another reason is also because MMO’s have pre-existing communities.  It’s awesome to be a part of communities that want to help each other, strive to make others better and just enjoy playing the game that they all have a common interest in.

But the problem is there are people out there that truly like these games, but hurt it because of their passion for the game.

I see it all too often.  I’ve actually gone through an experience where I played an MMO with some friends that fiercely defended the game, even though it had massive flaws.  An MMO came out that I liked and I ended up doing the same.  I hated it because it was dumb of either of us to do as long as we actually enjoyed playing the game we took sides for.  This makes me have high hopes for Wildstar for these few reasons.

The community for Wildstar is still small but growing.  Yeah, it’d be awesome to get the numbers that World of Warcraft gets on a monthly basis, but I think starting off small is better for us in the long run right now.  People are generally more accepting of newer players because there’s a brand new IP that we’re all having to learn from the start.  We don’t know much of the history of Nexus unlike our knowledge of the Orc’s and Humans, the history between the Jedi and the Siths,  the Elder Dragons of Tyria and various other history’s that we had learned from games that came before it or the information given to us during their creation.  There’s not enough information out there to be complete die-hard fanboy’s that can kill the moods of the people around them (or the internet.)

The most we know at this point (note: I know at this point, I still need to do research *Sweatdrop*) is that the Dominion has been taking over the universe planet by planet, the exiles are a collaboration of races that have been offset by the dominion and Nexus is the home planet of an extinct(?) race called the Eldan that the dominion and exiles are fighting over.  There are details about the races and their current standings through videos and such supplied by Carbine, but other than that not much else is known about the lore.

This gives the fresh (there’s that word I love) experience of learning a new world.  That’s always exciting to me.  Knowing that If I want answers, i’ll have to go in game and get them is something I’ve wanted for a long time.  I hope Carbine continues this trend and gives us as little information as possible before release.  I want to go in blind as much as possible.

Lore-wise, we’re set.  Genre-wise:  We’re good to go.

Wildstar is a Sci-Fi MMO.  I can only name a few sci-fi games that have this theme:  Eve Online, Star Wars.  I’m sure there are other ‘Space’ MMO’s out there that i’m missing, but these are the big ones that people know about.  How many Fantasy MMO’s are there?  Plenty.  That genre right now is incredibly stale with the same general themes.  I’m not saying that Wildstar won’t have those themes, but the presentation will be much different and breathes fresh air into the mix.

So lets recap a moment.  Sci-Fi MMO:  Check.  Little is known about the Lore:  Check.  Community is Small and growing, therefore supportive:  Check.

Carbine.  I love saying this, but you’ve got a recipe here for greatness.  The lighthearted seriousness with Wildstar is incredible and I can’t wait to start exploring (or destroying) this world with all of you.


We finally created a twitter account for the Nexus.  You can follow us here at https://twitter.com/Wildstar_Nexus or @Wildstar_Nexus

We’ll create more pages down the road for more social media options and ease of access to contact us.  Thanks for reading and tell your friends.


~ by Roland Daemon on March 7, 2013.

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