Welcome To Nexus – Caleidah Edition

As my comrade Roland already said, welcome to the Nexus!  We hope to use this site for blur de blur, gaming lingo that everyone knows.  That’s not what this post is about, and I would just be wasting your time trying to re-summarize what Roland already said so well.  Instead, I will use this space to talk a little bit about my pedigrees in gaming and writing, what I look forward to seeing from the game, and what I personally hope to bring to the site.

Much like Roland, I’ve had a controller in my hands since before I was old enough to put together what was happening on screen and what I was doing with the controller.  It became a core part of my life, and was how I did a lot of my close bonding with friends and family.  In the modern age, now that I live a respectable distance from my friends and no longer see them on a day to day basis, TeamSpeak and Ventrilo have taken the place of the lunch table.  Gaming is such an incredible medium for drawing people together and keeping a very particular kind of espirit de corps among people.

My online and collaborative gaming history started with Battlefield 1942.  I began to learn the things that have become staples of online gaming: bookmark good servers, don’t feed the trolls, keep your friends close, stop playing if you stop having fun.  That last one is why my history with MMOs has been so shaky.  I have been around the block in regards to them, playing the big names (WoW, LotRO, WAR) and participating in the beta periods for more small group MMOs than I can count.  As soon as I have exercised what I believe to be the fun from a game, I just can’t bring myself to logging in and grinding.  LotRO lasted a lot longer than others, and for the same reason that I think that I am really going to enjoy WildStar:  Community.  People were constantly adding to it and shaping it and I found myself friends with a number of the people in the servers, and I was even involved in a guild deeply for a while.

The other main pedigree I look to talk about is in writing.  I have pursued creative writing as a personal hobby for years, and in more recent years I have written articles on topics ranging from entitlement theory among “nerd culture” to breakdowns of martial techniques in reenactment.  It’s a wide range, and I’m glad that I’ll be able to flex those powers, along with the almighty power of the interview.

That’s enough about me.  I’m boring.


So, the big one that I am going to write about is what I am looking for in WildStar, and what you can look forward to in this site.  My first experience with WildStar was very similar to my first experience with so many games.  I received a message from a close friend at about 2 AM with the attached comment of “Holy shit, you have to watch this.”  The link was the Meet The Exiles trailer that I am sure you have all seen.  I was enthralled in an instant.  Within the next hour or two, I had chewed through every bit of info that I could find, digging along and falling in love with everything about the game.  The art style is absolutely spot-on for what I love in games, in that it is pursuing style over HARDCORE GRAFIX.  Reminds me a lot of Jak & Daxter.  The humor?  Tongue in cheek by and large, with enough overt humor, a dash or two of physical, and a smattering of vulgarity, because everyone loves a good dick/fart/poop joke.  With everything that I have seen, for the first time in a long time, I legitimately trust the group making an MMO to do an outstanding job.  Hell, as a longtime Warhammer fan, I knew that Mythic/EA were going to ultimately miss the mark of what makes the setting so unique.  On that topic, I think the other point of WildStar’s success is going to be just how much ground it will be allowed to cover.  We have a whole new planet to play with, and absolutely zero rules as to what can go in it.  Based on just the player classes, we have humans & near humans, sentient rocks, killer robots, bloodthirsty reptilian hunters, ancient mechanical constructs, and fluffy nature folks.  Tell me, based on that, what can’t be done in the world of Nexus?

On to the other main topic of this article, what I am going to do for you.  I promise that I will do my best to keep you up to date on the newest developments on the planet Nexus, in the Carbine offices, and whatever other scraps of info I can get my grabby hands on.  After all, where’s the fun in building a community if one man lays all of the bricks?

tl;dr version:  Looking forward to everything that WildStar has to offer and that I can offer to this site.

Catch you all in the next edition,


PS: Did you follow our Twitter yet?  @Wildstar_Nexus for up to the minute news from myself and Roland.  Spread the news, gang.  Also: Forums soonish?  The world may never know.


~ by caleidahvanhaar on March 8, 2013.

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