Nexus Operations

This week has been pretty big as far as gaming goes.  Most of it has been geared towards one game of simulating a city.  I won’t go into many details about it but it brings about a few questions and concerns that I want to at least express my interest towards.


I know it’s still early, but it’s one of the things I’ve been paying attention lately being apart of many MMO launches.  Stable servers, working in-game mechanics are probably the two big things but what about things outside the game?

This is going to be very list-y but I feel it’s warranted in this case.

  1. Stable Servers.  This is something that as the years have passed has slowly faded as a worry.  Playing launch days of SWTOR and GW2, I was able to get in with no issues and no crashing whatsoever.  There were OTHER issue’s that plagued the game in various ways, but this is something that people expect now and I’m sure Carbine will not disappoint.
  2. Server populations.  Please… PLEASE no Error 37’s.  While I don’t see this being a problem at this point, once people start getting wind of Wildstar, this might slowly become a concern.  I hope they stress-test alot in this regard. (If you don’t know, Error 37 was Diablo III’s issue of that their servers couldn’t handle the loads of people wanting to get on)
  3. Working mechanics.  Cross-server Matchmaking (Looking at you SWTOR) , Working ELO, Working auction house (I’m looking at you, GW2…)  are just a few of the things I want to see in-game working from day 1 without a hitch.
  4. Authentication:  I want one.  I still have my WoW and SWTOR key-chains for security and I will never get rid of them because they feel like keys to me to the games if I Want to play them again.  Please offer this day 1.  Even if you have to do it through goggles authentication app, just do it, it’ll save you alot of time. (as long as it’s working properly)

These are the big things in my opinion.  If these are in place, the rest will fall into place like a good game of Tetris.

I want to speculate on payment for the game, whether it’ll be Sub fee, B2P or F2P with cash options, but I won’t.  I’m just hoping that -> IF <- it is free to play, that the cash shop won’t have any power buying but I highly doubt it will be F2P (the game looks WAY too good to be that way)


If you have any questions or comments (or want to speculate) feel free to comment below!

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Cale and I should have a podcast up sometime later this week or next, we’ll keep you posted!



~ by Roland Daemon on March 11, 2013.

5 Responses to “Nexus Operations”

  1. I seriously hope that it’s P2P. You said it yourself, the game looks WAY too good to be that way, and considering the amount of content you have planned out for this game – I’d happily P2P for it instead of shelving out loads of cash just for me to feel like it’s a complete experience and that I have access to it all. Shelving out extra money for miniscule stuff and other things; just doesn’t feel like you will ever be able to enjoy the game fully – unlike being able to actually farm and get it in some way through gameplay.

    Like, if I had to buy stuff just to feel that I have a complete house or dye-set, I’d be so demotivated if there was no way to farm it up instead. I’d want to have the option to ignore things if I have standard access to it (Saying the same thing here, but with needing to spend actual money on it, IS NOT THE SAME THING). If I can have access to it in the game without anything extra, then I’d be happy. If I had to spend money on it, it would feel uncomplete and highly demotivated.

    Some people feel too entitled about things and don’t even want to bother or put some form of effort into gaining something. Some people have too little time; I do; but I’d be way more happier knowing that I don’t want to get X or Y because I find it too bothersome. Knowing I need to use money to get access to them however is a whole different manner and something that demotivates me greatly if it’s fun features such as Housing or decking out my character in stuff that changes looks.

    • And for the record, if you have access to Housing Stuff or Dye-Stuff in the game through regular gameplay BUT the same thing is available to buy, then that’s not okay (give or take) on a different level.

      Lowering the farm % of a certain thing to the ground and then making it available in a store IS in my own oppinion, a horrible horrible thing. It’s like spitting on someone for either being too poor or too stupid to not have bought it and saved time: time that could’ve been used to instead grind other things not (hopefully) available in a store, get some better gear or even get something else entirely.

  2. I actually will agree with you for once, I really do hope it’s P2P. There’s something to be said about having a game you know will have higher quality and won’t have the bad influence of putting out items for profit instead of putting out new content because if you don’t people won’t keep coming back. Granted, I really hope they don’t make it something ridiculous like 15$ a month (I’d be happy with 10$) but I’m not a pricing agent of some kind so I can’t really say or predict what they’ll do, just know that they have multiple options to take it and all of them carry a risk.

    and your comment about being able to buy things in-game that can be acquired in-game through gameplay is okay to SOME degree with me but it depends on the game-type. Tribes: Ascend works well for this because the weapons don’t make you better in any way and it’s mostly just a playstyle difference. However, in MMO’s, being able to buy materials and in general things that matter in the big picture is not okay.

    Imagine if you could buy all the materials you need to reach max crafting In WoW?… It would not only kill the experience but you’re losing out on learning what makes your craft work and how it runs.

    • I have played MMO’s ever since I was 10-11, and I have equally given all games a try. I thought that GW2 would finally get me over and actually make me play for MAAAAAAAANY months to come – but that wasn’t the case.

      Like many others I talked to, they felt that they weren’t strong or that their character became any better; farming for “swag” (as most called it) wasn’t really that appealing since it had no real impact. The lack of progress and actual content at the end was what killed it for me; and I realise that it was meant to be the journey and not the end-game.

      It was fun for sure, but what was there to do after experiencing everything? There was no point in trying to get better looks in gear and it felt like I was going nowhere. And it was -way- too grindy for what it was, but the game was a great journey through and through until you start to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. Everyone could do everything and it didn’t matter how good you were, because the content was -designed- to be beat by the majority in the game.

      Might sound d-baggy, but I wished there was a score-board or a “dps meter” of some kind that showed what everyone did, such as healing (I was a Guardian), damage and debuffs added (or removed).

      After making GW2 my last MMO in the many years where I’ve played Dark Age of Camelot, EQ & EQ2, Vanguard, Ragnarok amongst others (And WoW for 7 1/2 years), I really just want a game that I can P2P and FOR ONCE get access to all of the content the game has to offer instead of throwing things left and right that makes the game easier or a necessity. I really want to make a commitment since the greatest experiences I’ve had with MMO’s has always been games with P2P in it. (As many others)

      F2P games has obviously long since fallen off the map, which is obviously the gripe for many complaints and why I want a P2P game. I just hope I can play Neverwinter now without realising what the catch is with real money… which happens to be the in-game auction house, amongst other things such as RESPEC…

      Many others will always have different oppinions about it, but some are obviously from people feeling too entitled too to get things through money or anything that helps them not BOTHER to do something.

      When was the last time someone who kept whining about having it F2P with Cash-options, has actually played enough games to know how many a veteran MMO’ers feel who just wants to find a game to commit to? (No offense meant, I understand how you feel but some are -way- too aggressive about it. GW2 was the game that truly made me realise that I want to go back to a P2P game.). Just don’t throw “League of Legends” out there, that’s a whole different game LET ALONE genre, and it works in its own genre for many reasons.

  3. As a vet MMO player, I can’t agree more with what you said. There are some F2P games out there that do things right as far as power/cosmetic stuff goes but they’re all different genre’s and they work for different reasons.

    Maplestory was originally a F2P game with no buy-able power, but if you go on now, you better be willing to drop some major cash to get anything because the in-game currency is quite literally worthless now.

    If I do throw any other game out there as mention or a reference, I hope you understand that I realize that there IS a difference between them and I hope that any reader will understand that as well. That sense of entitlement you mentioned of things you can get in-game is really big with Nexon games though.

    I love Nexon’s games, but they all have one big fatal flaw: Nearly all (if not, all) the games they have are P2W in some form or another and the ‘end game’ populations are all stuck up jerks. My time in DragonNest proved this more than I Care to admit and I want a P2P MMO again.

    Yeah, the whole stigma of P2P and the ‘I can only play this game!’ thing may be true, but when you’re enjoying yourself with the game, does it matter that you may be missing out on other experiences? I don’t think so anymore.

    Good stuff, Honey B.

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