BetaBetaBetaBeta…. wait, we’re actually testing something?

First the disclaimer:  (Also, this hasn’t really been edited yet so alot of my ‘personal’ writing style is seen here (a game! count how many times I ‘…’)

I Don’t know when Beta will start.


I Have no idea how Carbine is gonna run the Beta.


Don’t freak out and DON’T take anything I say here as fact.  I will be watching and I will ‘stab’ you if you throw my ramblings out as fact.

Now that THAT’S out of the way…

Alright, it’s been awhile since I just sat down and wrote something, especially now that I have a good microphone, decent soundproofing (far from perfect but gets me the minimum production quality I want) and some practice video editing.  (The vid should be up early next week hopefully!  I swear!)

Today I woke up thinking about the beta, especially after yesterday when Bardic (PvP Lead of Wildstar, if you didn’t know) pretty much took a seat next to the community and just said ‘ask me (almost) anything’.  It was alot more impromptu but alot of the questions that were answered were really good and focused and a majority of them were answered.

Good stuff, but it got me thinking about the future.

How are the beta’s gonna pan out?  Most people have forgotten that beta’s are strictly for the benefit of the developers because they need to test things that they cannot themselves.  You can’t test stress, loads or even find some bugs with 100-150 people (Sorry, Carbine.. don’t know what numbers you’re working with.. hope it’s much, much more than that.).  You need the masses to do that and that’s when beta’s come in.

We’re the pawns here, in many ways.  As testers, we’re supposed to find the things that the dev’s may have missed.  Skills not working as intended, going places that were not intended.. we’re trying to BREAK their game (as much as it hurts to say that) so they can make it , stronger, faster,  better than before.

Most people use it as a demo to tell their friends if the game is good or not (and THIS is the double-edged sword, in my opinion.)

Ideally.. I’d love to see Carbine do a Beta setup as follows:

Beta 1:  Exile starting zones

Beta 2:  Dominion starting zones

Beta 3:  All things PvP (essentially make a room where we can queue up and portal into pvp area’s and when we make a character, it’ll be max level and warp to this spot where we’re forced to do nothing but pvp)  Further beta’s in this would target things such as warplots, arena’s and battlegrounds.

Beta 4:  Longer beta with a giant stress test at the end.   This should last a longer time than the rest of the beta’s just to see how stable their server’s are on their side and offer certain services like Tickets in-game as well as ANYTHING that might linked to the outside world (I don’t think the auction house is.. but.. if it is…. well…  Here’s hoping gw2’s launch doesn’t repeat itself.  Wasn’t game breaking.. but it was inconvenient.)

I guess what i’m hoping is that they’ll target important aspects of the game that are the bread and butter of the game.  The little things need to work as well, but I also want to be limited in what i’m playing for Beta.  I honestly don’t  even want to see the last two classes and races in beta… I want to be surprised when I get in game for something beyond the initial content or even surprised WITH the initial content cause of a change caused by beta feedback.

Everyone has their own view of beta’s, and that’s fine…  I’m just hoping Carbine takes advantage of the beta time and does everything in its power to use us to make their game better.

What’s the point of beta’s if you don’t use us?


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Also have a youtube page with our video’s now.  It aint pretty yet, but i’ll get on it eventually:  Wildstar Nexus Youtube.


~ by Roland Daemon on April 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “BetaBetaBetaBeta…. wait, we’re actually testing something?”

  1. Nice Outline!

    I would suggest adding some focused PvE (raiding) testing into this mix please 🙂 Both ‘pug’ groups, and existing ‘co-ordinated’ groups to see how big the difference is, and see where to pitch difficulty and mechanics!

    • I forgot mention raiding because i’m not 100% concerned about those during these beta’s. Raiding should almost be done last in the months right before launch, given invites to a mess of people, both low tier/high tier raiders and have them go at it to see if things are just right.

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