Not all is black and white.

First, an apology.  I had promised to do this as a video, but other things kept coming up (and I was being lazy).  I apologize for this.. however, I will post what I had written for the video because I still think its important to keep in mind as we move forward into the game.

Here’s the script.


“As Wildstar approaches our hands each day, something has been on my mind pertaining to the two factions: The Exiles and the Dommionion.

I’ve heard multiple views on their so called ‘alignment’ but very few people have come out and questioned ‘who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?’

It’s not so black and White with this one… and This is what has me hopeful for this game.

Most people would think the Exiles are the underdog good guys and the Dominion is the oppressive empire destroying all those in their way of galactic conquest… and you may be right.

But two questions come to mind. What if the exiles are really the bad guys and if you change your perspective just abit… would the dominion’s actions truly constitute itself as evil?

Lets go deeper here. Lets start with the Exiles. I’ve heard the referenced as Browncoats. Resistance fighters trying to stop the Dominion from their conquest or maybe just fighting back, refusing to assumilutate into their culture or society. This is all well and good because you should always fight for what you believe in… That doesn’t really mean though that what is going on is ‘Good’. You could destroy forests, civilizations or habitats to prevent something from coming in… but at that point, what good does that do? What if the exiles had been stealing or even attacking other planets and the dominion just came in and stopped them?

See, this is where things become Grey. I’m pretty sure that the whole Exiles – Good and Domminion – Bad will come into play… but I still believe that we’ll see Exiles that were taking advantage in ways that were harmful to everyone as well as seeing the dominion having people trying to help those who truly need it.

There have been many cases where those who were thought as evil because they were labeled as such… broke that negative stigma and did things that would blow minds.

People are strange beings in this regard. While we can commit the greatest Atrocities.. we can create the greatest happiness as well within people.

With dominion, imagine if you were in their culture. Chosen by the eldan to take over the galaxy under one rule. Yeah, it seems impossible (and most likely is) imagine if you were just a run of the mill citizen. If you heard that a planet surrendered and assimilated into your culture without bloodshed, you just gained a new ally and new friends. This would look good even if the mean’s that acquired this relationship were not so friendly at first.

You could almost compare the dominion to Rome in space. They conquered everything under one rule so everyone could live together in relative peace (it’s a stretch.. but it wasn’t nessicarily bad.)

This whole situation is a grey area covered black by the doors at Carbine. We won’t know what will truly happen until we can get into the game and find out what the stance is on everyone. I just hope they don’t make the lines so cut and dry. I like that blur making things grey.

Because Not all things are Black and White.”


I’m being lazy once more and I don’t want to edit this right now because I have some other things I need to get done before tonight.  However, I still think it’s important to mention now that with beta, people will know (but not tell, I don’t want to know cause of the NDA.  You keep that NDA beta testers *glares*) if I’m right or wrong with this assumption I have with the exiles and dominion.

At the very least… I want to see both sides show off unwavering goodwill towards and extreme hatred.


Anyway, with that out of the way, I have a question to ask.  You can send me your answers via Twitter at @Wildstar_Nexus  but I need to ask this now before people get mad.

I want to do a steam for the game, but I don’t have a web-camera (nor am I interested in one).  I believe that whatever it is that we’re talking about or doing, my face should not be getting the attention, it should be whats being talked about or shown off.  I have a extreme distaste for streams that focus more on the player than the actual game being played and I will do this in my own streams.

If I streamed tonight, would you rather stare at a blank screen, games I have or possibly just a scrolling internet browser while we discuss things.

The topic tonight would probably be beta expectations and what I hope to see, but I will be responding to those in chat tonight.

Lemme know what you think, i’ll be working for the next few hours to get this setup so it looks relatively decent.  Thanks!

~Roland Daemon


~ by Roland Daemon on April 12, 2013.

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