Sunday Scribbles.

It’s been a big week this week in the world of Wildstar.

Closed Beta Started

We’ve been asked to come up with a new item slot for Wildstar

We’ve had a huge jump in community numbers.

People really starting to find their true spirit animals.

Just a whole mess of things that are happening that have made this week really exciting.  It’s hard to believe that one little announcement could make so many people happy (and angry/frustrated) but that’s what happens when you’ve got something good on your hands.

While the allure of looking at my email has never been higher, my attention right now has been at the item-slot creation that Primus asked the WSCentral community to create.  When I first saw the post I was amazed that they would even let us design something so important to the game, but the community and myself went to work real fast.  While I personally only had two idea’s come up (Cards and ARC Coils) the rest of the community has quickly gone to work coming up with anything and everything.  Underwear?  Check.  Communicator’s?  Check.  Nanoblood?  Check.

Alot of these idea’s I’ve seen were really cool and I really wish we could see alot of them in-game, but with the initial post and how far into development  Wildstar actually is, it would be too hard and too long to implement alot of these great idea’s.  When I designed the cards/ARC coils,  I was thinking about a few things.

The item could be easily made as an icon and just be put in everywhere if needed to.
The item could NOT require anything more than number switching as the base work for tweaking purposes.
If there was an extra unique thing about it, I tried to make it as close to ‘just number switching’ or some ‘slight coding’ as I possibly could.

Thankfully:  We got feedback.

That alone made me happier than I had ever been being part of a community because Gortok actually told us what was wrong with our specific idea’s.  It’s rare for me to see dev’s, hell, a company that interested in what we think and giving us the chance to build something for their game.

I haven’t been able to think of anything new/unique to fit the style of the game, but I am still thinking at this point.  I hope they do find something or alot of idea’s they can use in the future with this thread and I hope they let us do something like this again in the future.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend,  It’ll hopefully warm up around here and wherever you may be as well (unless you’re in the tropics or something, you probably don’t need it to get warmer.)

~Roland Daemon


You can follow WS_Nexus on twitter at:  @Wildstar_Nexus

oh… if you were wondering… spirit ‘animal’ is Mew for me.


~ by Roland Daemon on April 14, 2013.

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