Alittle something I like to call… ‘Burnout’

Adrenaline is high.

Closed beta is out

We’re getting content on almost a near day-by-day basis

The community is getting antsy.



….am burning out.


This happened to me with Guild Wars 2 as well with my almost fanatical following of the game…. the result was after a month after release, I had quit because I couldn’t stand the game.  Yes, there were some other issue’s that popped up at the time in my personal life.. but I couldn’t stomach the game anymore after watching it like a hawk everyday for over a year.  I still don’t get how the people following it for 5+ could stomach that…

I’m burnt out, man.  I love the community, but I think everyone needs to take a step back and chill.  Yes, I know closed beta is going on and people want in real bad to play.. but at this point, if I was even thrown an invite… I don’t think I would play it just because I kind of want to save myself till release so I don’t ruin things for myself.  If I had the option to test things like housing/pvp/warplots.. I would do just that cause that’s content that doesn’t change.. but does.. if that makes sense…. but I don’t want to.

If Carbine actually asked me to test specific things for them.. yeah, i’d help em out.. but for now I WANT a break.  I started this blog with Cale just so we could put our opinions to the forefront in a more official manner.  I find myself just hanging out in WSC IRC and not even talk much anymore.

I want this game to succeed, and with Carbine at the helm I have no doubts that it will, but alot of the stuff the community is coming up with and nitpicking over mechanics that will be in the game (most of which we haven’t even heard WHAT carbine’s plans are..) is some of the hardest things to keep up with because in their passion to get what they want, they lose sight of the bigger picture of why their suggestion may or may not work with the design that Carbine is doing.

I’m burnt.  I can already feel it and I don’t like it because I want to play this game…  but for my sake (and I hope the sake of others who may read this)…  I’m taking a break for awhile.


I may post things on twitter now and then or ask some questions through that.. but as far as any real ‘content’ from me…  Until we get closer to launch dates.. I think i’m going to take a step back for now and let the other writers and content creators do their thing.


Until next time.

~Roland Daemon


~ by Roland Daemon on May 11, 2013.

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