Late Night Kickassery.

Last night,  Late Night Dominion hosted their first Eldan Games.  Eldan games was a 24-hour gaming marathon for Child’s Play that raised 3,720$.  This is an impressive amount and was awesome for the charity and the community as it brought alot of people closer together.

Especially the TF2 game that had over 10 Carbine Dev’s.  Let me post some Screenshots of the final scores of these games.  (out of respect for the Carbine Dev’s, I have their name’s blurred out so you can’t bug them.  That would be unfair to them.  If you’re also on these screenshots and want me to blur your name, Let me know and I will update accordingly)

Melee Round...  I got rocked...

Melee Round… I got rocked…


Barnblitz was abit closer… but not by much. We were able to stop them at the end…

Even though we killed them more, they still got further/did more.

Even though we killed them more, they still got further/did more.

So what does all this mean?  Well for me and everyone else that got to play that night, we learned that Carbine has serious gamer’s on their Dev team.  I couldn’t be happier because it’s usually rare to dev’s actually be able to back up these words.  I had a damn hard time beating a few specific Dev’s last night and I was actually dominated twice by two of them last night:  a usual rarity for me.

If how these guys played last night is any indication of how they want to make Wildstar, then I am not worried.  They played hard, but they had fun with it… the only things I could ask for of a development team that plays games.

I don’t really have too much to say right now about all this but Carbine…  Take all the time you need to make this game work, I’ll be ready to play with/against you guys anytime on your own court…  and i’ll probably, much like everyone else, will get their asses kicked.

Team_Wildstar?  More like Team_Kickass.

~Roland Daemon

You can follow WS_Nexus on twitter at:  @Wildstar_Nexus

(I’m still on break… just wanted to post my experiences about last night.  Thanks for one of the best saturdays i’ve had in a long time, LND)

~ by Roland Daemon on May 19, 2013.

One Response to “Late Night Kickassery.”

  1. Great time haha. I made so many ice statues of the devs xD , im hoping they add ice statues of themselves as a decoration for housing in wildstar ;O – trix

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