‘Waiting for Wildstar’: Coming Soon.

I’m coming back June 12th to start what i’m going to call ‘Waiting of Wildstar’.  Every week on wednesdays, I’ll be streaming games (and myself if I have a camera by that time) with the focus on current events, hopefully Wildstar Wednesdays because those will have come out.  These will be live and I haven’t picked a time yet, but that will come as I decide how i’m going to do it and potential feedback.

I have a few things I need to get done for this, but the focus will be on whatever content is out at the time and a discussion of it (the gameplaying is so people have something to watch.. and if that doesn’t pan out.. it can just be my face)

I look forward to doing stuff again with everyone.  I think a month break away from doing anything for it helped alot.

See you all soon.


~ by Roland Daemon on May 29, 2013.

One Response to “‘Waiting for Wildstar’: Coming Soon.”

  1. Wildstar is going to be such a great game with so many things to do like Raiding and PVP, warplots. I especially can’t wait for Paths. I am still debating on explorer or soldier.

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