Paying it forward.

So, Carbine has been giving people the opportunity to show off what they’ve accomplished within the wildstar community for a chance for beta keys.  This is a great idea because it has allowed alot of people who rightfully deserve a shot at getting into a beta that chance.

I figured I would pay it forward and list the people I’d like to see get into beta.  These are the guys I’ve interacted with alot since I’ve came here and I believe these are the people who should get this recognition.


Blankspace and Nyxis

Brenner Hawkings

Zap is probably the highest on my list.  Starting the biggest hub for Wildstar (Wildstar Central) and even helping out the folks over at carbine during Pax East this year… He’s probably the first person I hope they give beta access too (if he doesn’t have it already) with this ‘Pay It Forward’ week.

Blankspace and Nyxis deserve beta keys just because of the sheer amount of work they’ve done with Late Night Dominion and everything else (Sorry to the other guys who are in it, but I see/talk with these guys more than you… Don’t hurt me!)  They’re both also great people and can bring some pretty awesome perspectives to conversations we’ve had in the IRC channel.

Brenner Hawkins has been the guy i’ve seen/talked to abit with the RP side of things.  Being the Scowling Cassian, he’s been bringing his A game to get the RP side the recognition and attention it deserves and I believe he should be allowed a part in beta.

There’s a bunch of other people i’d love to suggest get it, but as far as actual accomplishments/work inside the community as well as direct talking/play with… these are the guys I feel deserve it the most.

Just paying it forward…  Who would you like to see get a shot at Beta?

Roland Daemon

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~ by Roland Daemon on June 17, 2013.

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