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I woke up to the sound of snoring.  The piercing sound of a tea-pot boiling over was the only thing that came to mind as I groggily opened my eyes and looked over to see my mutt curled up in a corner next to the fire.  Jango was an unpleasant one:  quick to anger, pugnacious and quite the savage. I still don’t understand how the little Dracken came under my ownership, but I learned not question such things.

When your life is on the line, you’ll accept just about anything and anyone that protects your back in territory that no one has seen in over a millennium.

The sun was slowly falling in the distance, the Deradune heat would soon come to an end for the day, but even the warmest places in the galaxy can quickly become the coldest.  I yawned quietly as I put out the fire, looking around to see our other companion, Rorrim.

Rorrim was another interesting fellow.  A bright, young Aurin with a mind that could run circles around any of the most savvy Mechari and has done so on numerous occasions.  I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be alive today.

I only heard the the sound of what sounded like a cloth hitting the ground before I felt the weight of Jango on my back trying to rip into me.

“What have I told you, Jango.  You can’t kill me that easily…”  I said as I reached back and grabbed him, tossing him in front of me like a rag.  “You’ll need more than just your claws to rip through my skin.”

Only half true.  I could feel myself bleeding slightly  but my skins quickly closed up and stopped.  One of the benefits of being a Granok, I suppose.  I let out a sigh and looked at my counterpart only to find that it was someone different.  The Dracken that laid before me was more muscular and lean than Jango ever could be and his bright orange fur was a big different from Jango’s yellow pelt.  The horns were probably the biggest giveaway.

Jango only had one.

Pulling out my rifle, I let off a warning shot.  I knew that I would regret that as I knew that there were camps nearby.  The sun finally fell and I heard Jango start growling himself awake behind me as the would-be assassin slowly rose from the sandy ground.

“Leave now…”  I whispered as I shoved my rifle into the assassin’s face. “Leave now and make no word that we are here.”

His eyes dilated as  he saw the inside of the barrel and then up at me.  He let out a low growl and nodded and quickly ran off into the darkness.  I felt Jango walk up beside me and growl just as low.

“He’s going to snitch.” Jango noted.

“I know.”

I looked around for Rorrim,  I’m surprised he hadn’t been woken up by the shot and we needed to move fast.  The bed that he had though was no where to be seen and I couldn’t find traces of spare parts for MAG, his scanner sidekick.  Noisy, loud and in-efficient but I don’t blame Rorrim for keeping it as it was his first and only scanner he’s ever had.

Jango had cleaned up the camp and looked at me with a slight tinge of worry.

“I know, Jango.  We need to get you out of here quick before they realize what you’ve taken.”  I slowly pulled out a small disk that contained some secrets that the Dominion had found around the area and some other unsavory details that none of us could decipher.  This was a job for Rorrim, but he needed more equipment than we had here.

“I hear them, Chite.”  Jango said in a hushed whisper.

I looked around quickly, knowing that it would be futile at this point.  The charging of weapons was heard all around me and I slowly put up my hands, knowing they were pointed right at me.

“Sorry, Jango.  Looks like we’re in the deep once more…”  as I felt the concentrated force of air and magic hit me in the back of the head, knocking me unconscious.



Just alittle something I thought of awhile ago.  Wanted to get the base out and stewing… if people want more, I’ll be more than happy to go deeper.

Roland Daemon.

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‘Waiting for Wildstar’: Coming Soon.

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I’m coming back June 12th to start what i’m going to call ‘Waiting of Wildstar’.  Every week on wednesdays, I’ll be streaming games (and myself if I have a camera by that time) with the focus on current events, hopefully Wildstar Wednesdays because those will have come out.  These will be live and I haven’t picked a time yet, but that will come as I decide how i’m going to do it and potential feedback.

I have a few things I need to get done for this, but the focus will be on whatever content is out at the time and a discussion of it (the gameplaying is so people have something to watch.. and if that doesn’t pan out.. it can just be my face)

I look forward to doing stuff again with everyone.  I think a month break away from doing anything for it helped alot.

See you all soon.

Late Night Kickassery.

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Last night,  Late Night Dominion hosted their first Eldan Games.  Eldan games was a 24-hour gaming marathon for Child’s Play that raised 3,720$.  This is an impressive amount and was awesome for the charity and the community as it brought alot of people closer together.

Especially the TF2 game that had over 10 Carbine Dev’s.  Let me post some Screenshots of the final scores of these games.  (out of respect for the Carbine Dev’s, I have their name’s blurred out so you can’t bug them.  That would be unfair to them.  If you’re also on these screenshots and want me to blur your name, Let me know and I will update accordingly)

Melee Round...  I got rocked...

Melee Round… I got rocked…


Barnblitz was abit closer… but not by much. We were able to stop them at the end…

Even though we killed them more, they still got further/did more.

Even though we killed them more, they still got further/did more.

So what does all this mean?  Well for me and everyone else that got to play that night, we learned that Carbine has serious gamer’s on their Dev team.  I couldn’t be happier because it’s usually rare to dev’s actually be able to back up these words.  I had a damn hard time beating a few specific Dev’s last night and I was actually dominated twice by two of them last night:  a usual rarity for me.

If how these guys played last night is any indication of how they want to make Wildstar, then I am not worried.  They played hard, but they had fun with it… the only things I could ask for of a development team that plays games.

I don’t really have too much to say right now about all this but Carbine…  Take all the time you need to make this game work, I’ll be ready to play with/against you guys anytime on your own court…  and i’ll probably, much like everyone else, will get their asses kicked.

Team_Wildstar?  More like Team_Kickass.

~Roland Daemon

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(I’m still on break… just wanted to post my experiences about last night.  Thanks for one of the best saturdays i’ve had in a long time, LND)

Alittle something I like to call… ‘Burnout’

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Adrenaline is high.

Closed beta is out

We’re getting content on almost a near day-by-day basis

The community is getting antsy.



….am burning out.


This happened to me with Guild Wars 2 as well with my almost fanatical following of the game…. the result was after a month after release, I had quit because I couldn’t stand the game.  Yes, there were some other issue’s that popped up at the time in my personal life.. but I couldn’t stomach the game anymore after watching it like a hawk everyday for over a year.  I still don’t get how the people following it for 5+ could stomach that…

I’m burnt out, man.  I love the community, but I think everyone needs to take a step back and chill.  Yes, I know closed beta is going on and people want in real bad to play.. but at this point, if I was even thrown an invite… I don’t think I would play it just because I kind of want to save myself till release so I don’t ruin things for myself.  If I had the option to test things like housing/pvp/warplots.. I would do just that cause that’s content that doesn’t change.. but does.. if that makes sense…. but I don’t want to.

If Carbine actually asked me to test specific things for them.. yeah, i’d help em out.. but for now I WANT a break.  I started this blog with Cale just so we could put our opinions to the forefront in a more official manner.  I find myself just hanging out in WSC IRC and not even talk much anymore.

I want this game to succeed, and with Carbine at the helm I have no doubts that it will, but alot of the stuff the community is coming up with and nitpicking over mechanics that will be in the game (most of which we haven’t even heard WHAT carbine’s plans are..) is some of the hardest things to keep up with because in their passion to get what they want, they lose sight of the bigger picture of why their suggestion may or may not work with the design that Carbine is doing.

I’m burnt.  I can already feel it and I don’t like it because I want to play this game…  but for my sake (and I hope the sake of others who may read this)…  I’m taking a break for awhile.


I may post things on twitter now and then or ask some questions through that.. but as far as any real ‘content’ from me…  Until we get closer to launch dates.. I think i’m going to take a step back for now and let the other writers and content creators do their thing.


Until next time.

~Roland Daemon